What We Can Do About Syria

By James A. Kidney

Maybe we should adopt an institution from the old Soviet Union and have gulags for bureaucrats from failed administrations who keep telling a better president what to do.

No, not really. The First Amendment is supposed to be bothersome. Else your correspondent might be in some gulag, too, some day.

This wry musing about punishment for repeated bad proposals is prompted by a column in the WAPO on September 4, 2015 by Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush. As one might expect from a speech writer, Gerson’s writing style is unobjectionable, but his ideas come right from the Dick Cheney playbook. In the subject column, he is lamenting once again that President Obama is doing nothing, nothing I tell you, to relieve the suffering of the Syrians.

That picture of the Turk carrying a three-year-old boy on the beach prompts Gerson’s musings. The boy drowned as his parents struggled to reach Turkey.

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WW II Victory and Brown v. Board: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By James A. Kidney

Twenty-first century America is paying a price for leading Allies to victory in World War II and for the Supreme Court’s 1954 decision segregating the schools, proving the old adage that even the best deeds do not go unpunished.

Maybe raising questions about two of America’s most renowned events in the last century is not the best way to introduce a new web site – a blog, if you prefer to call it that – but the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers 70 years ago and the strong stand for racial justice decided 61 years ago reverberate in today’s headlines — not always in positive ways.

As we Watch the Circus of public events go by, adding our own sometimes sardonic, occasionally humorous, and often serious commentary on the parade, we are alarmed at how some of the great events in our history are misinterpreted, abused or ignored in what is so far a very unpromising beginning to the 21st Century.  And it is not just the right that causes this alarm.  Liberals also have their blind spots.

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Washington Post Wants to Disarm Obama in Iraq Debate

By James A. Kidney

I realize that I am the only person on earth crazy enough to read and get angry about WAPO editorials — usually quietly. But today’s lead editorial is simply nonsensical and needs a response, even if only read by a few.

The Post attacks the President for not being sufficiently high-minded in defending the proposed Iran nuclear deal when he suggests that opponents offer no alternative but war and are the same folks who got us into Iraq. Incredibly, WAPO lectures Obama for defending the treaty by suggesting that “support for the deal is an obvious call and that nearly anyone who suggests otherwise is motivated by politics or ideology.” For shame, Mr. President, says WAPO editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. (In fairness, WAPO is mildly in favor of the Iran deal. But in its typical way, wants to remain high-minded in the midst of a mud fight.)

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