A Week of the Long Knives

Less than nine months after Senator Bernie Sanders announced, to considerable disdain and outright amazement, that he would seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the "inevitability" of Hillary Clinton getting the nod is in some jeopardy. Cue the Democratic Establishment to begin the attack on Sanders.

By James A. Kidney

Well, that didn’t take long.

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy last April and was given zero chance of meaningfully challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.  Hillary, the pundits and professional campaign advisers claimed, was unbeatable.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was so convinced of this that she declined to run, despite having far more popular support as the anti-Wall Street candidate than the universally-referenced-as-rumpled Senator Sanders.

Bernie SandersLess than nine months later, however, Sen. Sanders leads the “unbeatable” Clinton in several respected polls of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.  As was the case for the Republican Establishment when Donald Trump showed real staying power, the Democratic Establishment is showing its surprise and fear by trashing Senator Sanders at every turn.

The Washington Post, operation central for conventional political thinking, printed an editorial Wednesday headlined “Mr. Sanders needs to come clean about the funding for his health-care plan.”  It began by calling Sanders’ plan “sketchy” and stating that “Mr. Sanders is not up to the challenge” of proving “he has learned from socialism’s mixed history abroad and devised an updated version [of a health care plan] that will work in the United States.”  The editorial then proceeded to attack the numbers the Sanders campaign supplied in an analysis by a University of Massachusetts economist.

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