Is Hillary A Stronger Candidate than Bernie?

   By James A. Kidney  clinton-v-sanders-1

Let’s agree that a Donald Trump presidency is a very scary prospect and that either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be a much better choice. Right now, Trump looks like easy pickins’ for either Democrat.

But now is not November.  One cannot rule out that as Trump collects campaign experts who might corral some of his worst traits, Republicans surrender all principles in favor of party loyalty, and Americans exercise their constitutional right to short term memory loss, the GOP “standard bearer” will become more palatable to larger numbers of voters.  Politico this week published a sardonic assessment of “The 12 Signs that Trump Will Win the White House” that, while improbable, recognizes the fluid process of an American presidential election.

Clintonistas are not containing their anger at Bernie Sanders and his supporters for continuing what they call a fruitless campaign for the Democratic nomination.  Although expressing confidence that Sec. Clinton will wipe out Republican Donald Trump in November (“like with a cloth,” as Clinton said when asked if she had wiped her home server clean), they also hate seeing any competition for the crown.  Their asserted confidence of victory is easily undermined by the least criticism of their candidate.

Hey, it’s a democracy folks.  People who want change are entitled to cast a vote for one who at least campaigns on the notion of bringing it.  Don’t demonize them for exercising the franchise.  (Clinton herself is careful not to demand that Sanders stop campaigning; that is left to surrogates.)

So Sanders is right to campaign to the end.  If he loses the nomination, as is likely but not certain, he will throw his support to Clinton, perhaps gaining a little more leftish Clinton on some issues in the process.  He knows Trump would be terrible.

One of the major contentions in support of Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee is that she is more likely to beat Trump in November than is Sanders.  “America will never elect a Democratic Socialist,” we are told time and again.  We have been told this not only by Hillary loyalists, but also by the Establishment media and its many pundits.  Since these pundits and editorialists have called every development in the presidential campaign accurately so far, what’s to worry?

Plenty, it turns out.  Bernie may be the better candidate to beat Trump.

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A Week of the Long Knives

Less than nine months after Senator Bernie Sanders announced, to considerable disdain and outright amazement, that he would seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the "inevitability" of Hillary Clinton getting the nod is in some jeopardy. Cue the Democratic Establishment to begin the attack on Sanders.

By James A. Kidney

Well, that didn’t take long.

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy last April and was given zero chance of meaningfully challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.  Hillary, the pundits and professional campaign advisers claimed, was unbeatable.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was so convinced of this that she declined to run, despite having far more popular support as the anti-Wall Street candidate than the universally-referenced-as-rumpled Senator Sanders.

Bernie SandersLess than nine months later, however, Sen. Sanders leads the “unbeatable” Clinton in several respected polls of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.  As was the case for the Republican Establishment when Donald Trump showed real staying power, the Democratic Establishment is showing its surprise and fear by trashing Senator Sanders at every turn.

The Washington Post, operation central for conventional political thinking, printed an editorial Wednesday headlined “Mr. Sanders needs to come clean about the funding for his health-care plan.”  It began by calling Sanders’ plan “sketchy” and stating that “Mr. Sanders is not up to the challenge” of proving “he has learned from socialism’s mixed history abroad and devised an updated version [of a health care plan] that will work in the United States.”  The editorial then proceeded to attack the numbers the Sanders campaign supplied in an analysis by a University of Massachusetts economist.

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