How to Leverage Right Wing Plans into Liberal Success Stories

By James A. Kidney There is lots of fear, angst and anger about Trump in Congress, in the blogosphere, in op-eds and on “the street” among us little folk.  But all of us could exercise a little intelligent strategizing on how to deal with the reality of President Trump in addition to protesting and complaining. Let’s use our economic power. Here is a look at an alternative way to deal with two Trump proposals, one announced and the other circulating in draft, if either becomes policy or law.  On these, as well as other proposals, liberal wealth could be used to leverage the right wing agenda to reduce its influence and elevate better ideals of freedom and liberty. One of these proposals is the one Trump announced while pandering to the right wing “Christian” crowd at the annual White House prayer breakfast.  Trump said he plans to “destroy” the 64-year-old … Read more of this post . . .

Beware of the Mannerly One! Ben Carson is Scarier than Donald Trump


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks in town hall meeting in Baltimore, Thursday May 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Ben Carson, the up-from-poverty-and-separated-Siamese-Twins surgeon, now second only to The Donald in GOP popularity, is scarier than the bloviating, self-regarding Trump. According to Carson, he is God’s candidate. He is just what we need in this age of fundamentalism, where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the Koran-thumpers and the Bible-thumpers. Which one is called by God? Does God own a gun. (Yes,)

Carson is gentlemanly and sounds reasonable. He does not usually attack opponents with personal insults. Unlike Trump, he was not born at home plate and thinks he hit a home run. His personal story is admirable – sort of Bill Clinton in a surgical gown and burdened not only by poverty, but also race. Like Trump, but not like Clinton (either one), Carson has zero government experience – which is his appeal to voters.

Plus, he is not Donald Trump. In at least one important way, he is worse.

Read more of this post . . .Beware of the Mannerly One! Ben Carson is Scarier than Donald Trump

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