I Just Want to Cry

By James A. Kidney

 The news this week on the race front is so demoralizing and sad that I, a 68-year-old white person, just want to cry.  There were senseless deaths of young black men (again) in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge.  They were guilty of nothing — not even bad conduct.  They were killed because of the skin color they wore.

As senseless, or maybe even more senseless, if possible, are the deaths of five policemen and six others wounded in Dallas. These officers were simply standing by as protestors assembled peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights.  They were killed only because of the uniform they wore.

police clubbing people drawingInstead of progress, we can add “copism” to “racism” in the lexicon of evils eagerly adopted by some men and women in this country.  In both cases, negative characteristics of the few are broadly applied to all based on either skin color or occupation.

My God!  The exclamation is appropriate. The chaos of the American burden — racial dysfunction — is Biblical, and not in a good way.

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