A Parable for Our Times

  By James A. Kidney I finally decided to buy a new car the other day.  Wow, it is a cumbersome and annoying process.  At the end, I was feeling helpless and victimized, and with no new car. Of course, as with everyone, I first went to the two dominant car dealerships — Regal and Demos.  It was easy to get to them on Metro.  They both have huge, bright dealerships on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the Capitol.  The salesmen are very cheerful and upbeat, except if you walk out the door without buying a car.  Then you get some flak.  But the dealerships seem to promise all you would ever want in a car. That was the promise, but not the reality.  At Regal, there were only two colors — white and green.  The green was full of special features — satellite radio and tv, and … Read more of this post . . .

My Inaugural Address, By Donald J. Trump, President

By Donald J. Trump [As transcribed by James A. Kidney] [Video available beginning at noon Jan. 20] I do solemnly swear. My Fellow Americans.  Let me say how honored you must feel attending my first of several inauguration ceremonies over the coming years.  You get to be at the first one!  Seeing the millions of you out there squeezed into the first four blocks of the National Mall gives me the kind of warmth and excitement that you also gave me during my campaign rallies. [Sounds of protest off the Mall] Ignore those sounds.  They are the sounds of the losers.  When you depart, and when I depart late tonight for New York, and am comforted in my own room under my Louis XIV dinosaur sheets with — who knows?  Maybe Melania?  Come on, Melania.  It’s a special night.  Anyway, the protestors will be left yelling at the night with no … Read more of this post . . .

Justices Scalia and Thomas: Key Excerpts of their Opinions — Now and in Future

By James A. Kidney Excerpts from recent opinions by Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia: This week: Friedman v. City of Highland Park, Illinois, denial of certiorari, Thomas joined by Scalia dissenting (Dec. 7, 2015).  Denial of cert meant that the suburb’s ban on assault weapons is legal. The City’s ban is thus highly suspect because it broadly prohibits common semiautomatic fire- arms used for lawful purposes. Roughly five million Americans own AR-style semiautomatic rifles. . . . The overwhelming majority of citizens who own and use such rifles do so for lawful purposes, including self-defense and target shooting. . . . Under our precedents, that is all that is needed for citizens to have a right under the Second Amendment to keep such weapons. Future opinions by Justices Thomas and Scalia: Big Pharma v. Federal Food and Drug Administration, denial of certiorari.  Thomas and Scalia dissenting: The FDA’s heavy … Read more of this post . . .

The War on Wood

From The Congressional Record, March 8, 1820, p. 42, Proceedings of the United States Senate

            Presiding Officer: The chair will recognize the distinguished senator from Kentucky, Micah McConnell.

Sen. McConnell: Thank you, Senator. I wish to spend a few moments on the issue which is most momentous to my constituents and which requires the intervention of this body and our brothers in the House. I mean, of course, the War on Wood. 

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