Circus tent clipart Welcome to Watch The Circus.com.  The site focuses on politics, policy, characteristics of the U.S. population and society, We also publish some humor and stories about life in general.  Have a good link you found on the web?  Send it in and we might post it for others.  Our principal standards:  Is it interesting or entertaining?  Is it different?  Is it well-written?

The founder and sole editor of this site is Jim Kidney, a Vietnam era veteran (proudly serving in Kansas City, Mo.), a reporter for 10 years who covered the Supreme Court while attending night law school on the GI Bill and was a trial lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission for 25 years until retiring in March 2014.

Our personal political inclination is “liberal,” but we are a heretic on some causes and always are interested in well-argued facts supporting just about any reasonable point-of-view.  We welcome our conservative friends, red state friends and folks from other countries to submit comments for publication consideration, as well as our liberal buddies.

We make no money off this site, so no one gets paid.  The good news is that we are not financially supported, so have no economic bias for advertisers, candidates or parties. At this point, we also have no guarantees anyone will read your comment but Jim, even if it is published.

We first put this site on the web on July 13, 2015 with limited content and functionality.  We started offering it for public consumption and awareness on September 3, 2015.  It is — and always will be — a work in progress.  Success is uncertain other than as a forum for Jim to post his own essays and admire them until readers show him his pride is misplaced.  Help!

Our title reflects our attitude.  It is sometimes wry, sometimes funny, and often serious.  To pursue the metaphor to its end, ring one could be the magician (wry). Ring two could be the clown (funny). The trapeze artists risking injury and death might be in the center ring (serious).The world offers plenty of material for all of these approaches.Ringmaster cartoon

We intend to respond to all well-intentioned submissions.  We need your real name, a good email address and a phone number for our records or your submission will not be considered.  If you wish to use a pseudonym if your comment is published, just tell us and we will follow your instruction — after checking to be sure you are who you tell us you are.

It should not be necessary to state, but sadly, it is, that we will not accept as comments or anything else material that is mean-spirited, Elephant on ball cartoonmostly just insulting, uses unnecessary cursing or obscenities (if it’s in a quote, it might pass muster) or poses a risk of libel.

Just put a comment on the comments link.  If you want to offer something longer, send it to jim


So what's your view on these issues? Send a comment.

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